About RedLink

RedLink has a unique perspective on how data can be used to help academic publishers, editors, and libraries save time, engage readers, and streamline collaborations. RedLink’s innovative solutions cut across platforms and help to unite the scholarly ecosystem.

RedLink Network is our free service to libraries and publishers, allowing them to connect and collaborate to resolve access and support issues with a community-driven offering. Libraries can also retrieve usage reports via our SUSHI service, which publishers and platforms can use to eliminate load on their content delivery services. RedLink Network is a public benefit company.

RedLink’s analytics products include Library Dashboard, Consortia Dashboardand Publisher Dashboard.

RedLink SiteLeads® lets publishers identify previously unknown sources of traffic at the institutional level, providing data to help start and close the sales process.

Remarq® from RedLink is an editorial engagement product that decentralizes the scholarly collaboration network so that publishers can have these features on their sites, on their terms.

Other new products are in development.

Users of RedLink products gain new customer insights with less effort, maintain access for their constituents, and plan with more confidence.

RedLink, an Atypon Company Headquarters:
5201 Great America Parkway Suite 215, Santa Clara, CA 95054

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