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RedLink is working with INASP to make RedLink Network and its Library Dashboard available to the Zimbabwe University Librarians Consortium as a first-step in a developing partnership April 7, 2017, Westborough MA – RedLink, RedLink Network, and INASP are pleased to announce the initial steps of a developing partnership designed to help make usage tools and credentials management available for INASP members. As a first step, the Zimbabwe University Librarians Consortium (ZULC) will be joining RedLink Network and adopting RedLink’s Library Dashboard.  The partnership is designed to provide access to these services to the full membership of INASP libraries. “I’m thrilled that RedLink and RedLink Network can help INASP and its members move to the forefront of usage analysis and ...

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Get to Know RedLink Advisory Council Member, Anne Osterman image

Anne C. Osterman is Director of the Virtual Library of Virginia (VIVA), the consortium of 72 nonprofit college and university libraries in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Prior to working at VIVA, Anne worked at a variety of academic institutions including American University and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  Anne was good enough to answer a few questions recently. Tell us about your current role at VIVA, and a little bit about how the Consortium works. I am the Director of the Virtual Library of Virginia, or VIVA, which is the consortium of the 72 non-profit academic libraries in Virginia.  Around half of our funding comes from the state, and the other half is from our member libraries.  Our ...

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2017 RedLink Index Now Available image

The 2017 RedLink Index, covering the 2016 subscription year, is now available. This is a free report. The 2017 RedLink Index provides benchmarks and comparisons of usage patterns, aggregating information about more than 1,500 journals from a variety of international publishers covering all areas of science and scholarship. The 2017 RedLink Index also covers basic usage observations among more than 7,000 subscribing institutions. Information included in the Index: Percentage of institutions with increasing, decreasing, or steady usage. Percentage of usage coming from consortia. Percentages of usage coming from current vs. archival content of various eras. Percentage of denials (turn-aways) to current content vs. archival content. Usage by world region (North America, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, Oceania). RedLink is providing the 2017 RedLink Index free to interested ...

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End the Pain of “Walter’s Spreadsheet” image

RedLink tries to address data-related pain points for librarians and publishers. Like every familiar twinge and ache, we often don’t realize how good it can feel to have the pain point removed. It’s like the old joke – the best part of hitting your head against the wall is how good it feels when you stop. This was captured beautifully in the following story, as told by a consortia administrator who was in touch with us last year. The story is called “Walter’s spreadsheet,” and it’s a story we’ve heard in one form or another multiple times here at RedLink. In fact, it’s part of what inspired our Library Dashboard product: Many libraries have what you could call “Walter’s spreadsheet.” ...

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RedLink Network Launches image

RedLink Network, a public benefit company, launches free IP registry service, adds new member to Advisory Council RedLink Network launches a unique, free, community-driven IP registry service to advance secure, reliable access to subscription content; Howard Ratner, Executive Director, CHORUS, joins library, publishing, and technology leaders on Advisory Council. Westborough, MA (August 2, 2016) – Last week, RedLink Network, a newly formed public benefit company, announced the launch of its free IP registry service for libraries and publishers to help them deliver secure access to subscribed content more reliably and efficiently. As a free service, RedLink Network invites rapid adoption among librarians and publishers to make IP-based authentication more efficient and secure. Thousands of libraries and hundreds of publishers are ...

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ASPET Adopts RedLink’s Publisher Dashboard image

The American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET), an esteemed scientific society dedicated to promoting pharmacological knowledge and research, has adopted RedLink’s Publisher Dashboard. In the words of Rich Dodenhoff, Journals Director at ASPET, “. . . it will save us time and effort dealing with unwieldy COUNTER reports, tying these to our customer data, and generating reports. In just a click now, we can get quick insights into usage trends and turn-aways affecting our customers.” Read the full press release here: To learn more about RedLink and its innovative Dashboards for libraries and publishers, please contact us.

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