DIAMOND Usage Data and SUSHI Services

Do you want to improve service to your institutional customers? Gain data independence from your platform provider? Prepare for a platform migration? RedLink Network’s DIAMOND usage data and SUSHI services can meet all these needs and more.
Convenient, affordable, and high-performance SUSHI and usage data services solve myriad challenges for publishers and institutions alike.

Features & Benefits

Data Independence

Store your usage data on RedLink Network, where institutions can get it for free. No data migration headaches or charges when you change platforms. Seamless access for current, new, and former customers.

High-Performance SUSHI Service

Because our SUSHI service doesn’t vie with content delivery systems, we can support more requests and send more data, so your customers have a better, more reliable experience.

Straightforward Interface

Customers select the reports they want, the timeframes, and the format, and get what they want with just one more click. Reports are delivered with remarkable speed.

An Affordable Solution

With a low, one-time setup charge, and an even lower annual subscription charge, DIAMOND and all its benefits make sense for a wide array of publishers.

Safe and Secure

RedLink Network’s two-step authentication and smart connection environment ensures that data are transmitted safely and accurately.

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