Publisher Dashboard

How do you, as an academic publisher, spot opportunities and mitigate risks? How does your sales team become more productive and stay on top of your accounts?
RedLink’s Publisher Dashboard delivers metrics that matter — to track usage, retain existing subscribers, and identify upsell opportunities.

Features & Benefits

Easily See Patterns and Trends

Publisher Dashboard brings your usage data into the open, making it easy to see where usage has changed, denials are spiking, and content gaps exist. Our intuitive interface makes it easy to customize and save reports, as well — whether by territory, sales agent, customer, or any of a wide range of other possibilities. Use Publisher Dashboard to quickly gain actionable insights that will help you retain customers and drive new sales.

Get the Latest Information Easily

Publisher Dashboard keeps your data current, without requiring you to lift a finger. Our technology works with any platform, so you always have the latest information about customer usage.

Keep Your Team on the Same Page

Publisher Dashboard’s team management functions allow you to assign specific territories to sales agents or specific customers to sales support, allowing them to access usage data 24/7 without requiring them to contact IT or your analytics team. Our Team Dashboard features allow you to select specific reports for your team to review.

Save Time and Money

With analytics teams and IT overburdened by reporting requests, the delays and expenses involved can slow you down and limit your customer interactions. Publisher Dashboard is available all the time, with the latest data.

See Revenue, Territory, and Product Data

Check your cost-per-download data and projections. See where usage is up and down by country, sales agent, or customer. See which products are performing well or poorly. Our interface makes analysis easy with facets and clickable objects, and our visualizations make sense immediately.

See More, and Share Your Insights

Look at full-text usage, denials (turn-aways), archival usage and denials, trends over multiple years, consortia member usage, and usage by product, among dozens of easily accessible options. Save the visualizations in formats that are easy to share via email or in presentations, or download the underlying data directly.

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