RedLink SiteLeads™

Wondering if there are institutions where users are seeking your content, but the institution doesn’t subscribe?
RedLink’s SiteLeads™ is a unique service that allows publishers to finally identify the leads they’ve been missing — institutions with users who want your content because of its relevance and utility.

The SiteLeads™ Advantages

Get the SiteLeads™ Opportunity Map

SiteLeads™ provides a global view of your opportunities for a strategic perspective through our Opportunity Map. Updated as new leads emerge from the data, the map can inform multiple business decisions and inquiries. The list of prospects you’ll see also gives you many options from which to select your top leads to pursue.

Put Your Opportunities in Context

Through integration with Publisher Dashboard, SiteLeads™ contextualizes your opportunities with concrete examples, so you can quickly assess the potential in your data.

See the Revenue Potential in Context

SiteLeads™ puts new leads into context not only within your current customer base, but also with revenue potential, making it eminently practical.

Use Data to Close the Deal

Once you select a lead to pursue, SiteLeads™ provides you with more complete data and a PDF sales sheet you can use to approach the prospect and close the deal.

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