Enhancements significantly increase the collaborative aspects of the decentralized scholarly network

10 October 2017, Westborough, MA — RedLink is pleased to announce the latest release of Remarq®, which includes three levels of group collaboration:

  • Private Groups – only those invited by the host are aware of the group and can participate
  • Protected Groups – publishers can create these groups, which anyone can find and request to join
  • Public Groups – these groups are open to anyone at any time

Readers, authors, editors, and publishers all have the opportunity to create group conversations and invite members for research, classroom teaching, or other collaborative projects.  Users can share annotations, comments, images, links, and files, and discuss articles with other group members.

Remarq is a collaboration tool supporting highlighting, private notes, commenting, and article sharing, all on the publisher’s site and utilizing the version of record.  Remarq provides a powerful and smoothly integrated set of tools that support authors, editors, and users. By supporting engagement on the version of record, Remarq offers the opportunity to leverage author updates, supplemental information or data, and additional assets related to the article, creating a rich environment for collaboration. Remarq’s ORCID integration makes it easy to create a robust profile with just one click.

“Our Groups functionality brings Remarq to another level for scholarly collaboration,” said Kent Anderson, RedLink’s CEO. “From research topics to classrooms to journal clubs, the conversations in Groups will make it easier for researchers, students, publishers, editors, and readers to actively engage with the literature, opening up new avenues and ideas.”

About RedLink

RedLink helps libraries, publishers, and users see what they’ve been missing. RedLink’s products include powerful, intuitive dashboards for libraries and publishers (Library Dashboard and Publisher Dashboard), unique sales prospecting engines for publishers (SiteLeads™), and editorial engagement tools for editors, authors, and readers (Remarq®). RedLink also offers RedLink Network, a free service libraries and publishers can use to collaborate on synchronizing access credentials and service needs.

Contact: Nicola Poser: nposer@redlink.com  +1 508 366 5653