New enhancements significantly increase the social aspects of the collaboration platform

25 July 2017, Westborough, MA — RedLink is pleased to announce the latest release of Remarq which includes robust collaboration components and supports author and editorial updates as well as publisher and editor administration and analytics. Additionally, this new release includes:

  • Full user profiles
  • The ability to follow and connect with other users
  • Real-time feeds of updates and events across Remarq

Remarq is a collaboration tool offering annotation, commenting, and article sharing, all on the publisher’s site and utilizing the version of record.  Remarq provides a powerful and smoothly integrated set of tools that support authors, editors, and users. By supporting engagement on the version of record, Remarq offers the opportunity to leverage author updates, supplemental information or data, and additional assets related to the article, creating a rich environment for collaboration.

“This release of Remarq shows much more of what the product potential has been all along,” said Kent Anderson, RedLink’s CEO. “By bringing authors, editors, publishers, and users into a space where they all benefit and can collaborate, Remarq makes the version of record a community resource again.”

Since Remarq launched in May, new users have registered consistently on the pilot journals from Canadian Science Publishing and IOP Publishing.  Nonprofit publisher Annual Reviews will launch Remarq across its full portfolio of 47 journals in a few weeks, anticipating the new academic year.


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