Tired of third-party sites luring your users away with content you published? Ready to stem the tide?

Remarq® lets you weave tools for commenting, profiles, annotation, article sharing, and more into your own publications — affordably, simply, and seamlessly — so you can win back your authors, editors, and readers.

“Remarq . . . enable[s] any publisher to create community around annotated discussion and turn it into scholarly exchange and collaboration.”David Worlock

The Remarq® Advantages

Works on Any Site, No Plug-ins Required

A single line of javascript on your sites, and Remarq® will be ready to go, fitting any design and configuration, while allowing seamless movement of annotations and comments from HTML to PDF and back. You can choose to run it on one journal, a few journals, or across all your journals.

  • Compatible, well-behaved, and intuitive
  • Integrates with home pages, TOCs, articles, and more
  • Simple setup and rolling improvements
  • Fully responsive and context-sensitive

Article Sharing That Counts

Let your users share articles with coworkers and colleagues, all while capturing the usage data associated with shared use. Remarq® refines recommendations based on sharing, as well, making your site a useful portal to the literature while keeping users engaged.

  • Stop content leakage to third-party sites
  • Give your PDFs new life and importance
  • Make your site a stronger community hub

Engage Your Readers, Authors, and Editors

Remarq® allows your editors to publish updates, solicit expert comments, post polls, enable custom post-publication peer review, and interact with the community simply and easily. Authors can comment on articles, and provide updates to interested peers. Readers can make private notes for later, contribute public comments, complete post-publication reviews based on your structured template, and respond to polls and conversations. Remarq® invigorates your user experience.

  • Easily deliver timely pointers and updates to readers
  • Leverage editorial and author expertise seamlessly
  • Give users options — polls, notes, questions, comments
  • Enable post-publication review to your standards

Affordable, Easy to Adopt, Easy to Manage

For a small annual fee, your journal can have all the benefits of Remarq®, including an intuitive interface that will be consistent across your entire portfolio — in fact, anywhere your users find Remarq®. A single line of javascript on your site gets things started. Our intuitive design makes managing it as easy as ordering online.

  • Point-and-click administration keeps it simple
  • No big build or long requirements documents
  • Configurations are flexible and straightforward

Designed to Support Publishers

Remarq® has been designed so that functionality only appears when appropriate. Using soft colors, clear design motifs, and contextual cues, Remarq® plays well visually with any site. Article sharing adds to your usage stats, interactions add to your traffic, and our design does not intrude on your branding or layouts.

  • Everything happens on the version of record
  • Interactions appear and vanish as expected
  • State-of-the-art interface is smooth as silk

HTML? PDF? Absolutely.

Remarq® technology works across HTML and PDFs, so that comments and notes created in one show up in the other, all while preserving the version of record. Our PDF viewer does not take your users out of your domain or require PDF storage on our servers. We rest lightly atop the user experience, no matter their preferred format.

  • Users viewing the PDF online see comments, notes
  • The PDF gains news powers — for notes, comments
  • Friendly tools are designed to make fans quickly

“Ideally, we can find a way to have decentralized social networks, just like we do in real life.”Maciej Ceglowski

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