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MIT Press, one of the most prestigious and innovative scholarly publishers in the industry, has partnered with  RedLink, a leading provider of business intelligence to academic publishers, for access to detailed reports and personalized data analytics for their journals. RedLink Access has been specifically chosen by MIT Press in order to help their journals stay on top of the competition, gain valuable insight on their sales as well as marketing efforts, and spotting opportunities for growth. The only university press in the U.S. with their journal articles based on science and technology, MIT Press has been publishing for fifty two years. Not only limited to science and technology, the  MIT Press also has a strong publishing presence in the fields ...

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Endocrine Society and RedLink Partner for Business Intelligence Services image

RedLink, a leading business intelligence solution for academic publishers announced that Endocrine Society signed up with RedLink Access for online reporting and analytics. Endocrine Society chose RedLink Access to stay on top of their customers’ needs, proactively deal with risks and easily spot opportunities for growth, facilitating their mission of advancing excellence in endocrinology. RedLink team welcomes the opportunity to work with Endocrine Society and look forward to supporting them in their future goals. Endocrine Society’s publications cover a wide range of descriptive topics.  Their journals include Endocrine Reviews, Endocrinology, Molecular Endocrinology, Hormones and Cancer, The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and & Metabolism (JCEM), and Translational Endocrinology & Metabolism (TEAM).  Their wide of journals are also accompanied by their impressive ...

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Scholarly Publishing is Becoming a Data-Oriented Industry (Part 2) image

In our previous blog, we introduced ways how scholarly publishing is becoming more data-oriented. Here are some more ways that academic publishing is utilizing data on a more frequent basis: 3. The Shift to Digital The rise of e-books and online learning has raised the enthusiasm of many in the academic publishing industry. However, shifting to digital also raises the need for data in order to track metrics under the e-model. Digital content also requires new metrics to track such as turnaways. With the rising number of metrics to track in regards with the shift to digital – the need for data is becoming much more essential for academic publishing. 4. Growing Opportunities Scholarly publishing is a rapidly growing field ...

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Scholarly Publishing is Becoming a Data-Oriented Industry image

Scholarly publishing has been an industry which has often been associated with terms such as ‘old school’ or ‘traditional’.  However, with recent developments within the industry over the past couple of years, people making such assumptions should absolutely reconsider. Academic publishing has been adapting for new digital platforms, concepts such as open access are gaining more acceptance, opportunities for growth are rapidly increasing, and social media networking is becoming a norm in the industry.  All of these changes are accompanied with the need for data.  Without the proper use of data, adapting to the trends of scholarly publishing is simply impossible and becoming data-oriented has simply become a necessity to become successful in the industry. 1. Cost Efficiency As academic ...

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Open Acccess – Hype or Opportunity? image

The buzz around Open Access – is this just hype or is there a future in it? If you’ve been keeping up with the latest news in academic publishing, then you undoubtedly are aware of open access. One simple Google search on academic publishing can easily guarantee that a strong majority of the results will focus on open access. However, what exactly is open access? Why is it becoming such a vital trend in the academic publishing industry? For those unaware of the practice, it allows unrestricted online access to peer-reviewed academic research and it is mainly done for scholarly journal articles. With the concept of open access gaining popularity, it’s important to understand its impact as well as challenges ...

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