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Introduction 1) Tell us a little bit about your background. I am a global citizen – grew up in India and after graduating with an Engineering degree was fortunate to get a chance to work in Europe before moving to United States. As an Engineer, designed telecommunication networks for service providers in China, Latin America and Europe. My transition to business came when I realized that building cutting edge products by itself is not sufficient – one must understand the concerns of a customer and changing market trends. And that propelled me to get an MBA in Marketing in New York. Intel hired me as a fresh graduate and moved me to California. For me, it has been truly a ...

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Ellie Fullman, Taxonomy Expert Introduction 1) Tell us a little bit about your background. Information science is my second career and a field which incorporates three of my greatest passions: academia, teaching, and information organization. Receiving my  BA in English Literature from UC Berkeley, I spent the following ten years teaching English as a second language to adults, with an emphasis on English use for business, nursing, and the hospitality industry. Forever seeking out new knowledge and skills, enrolling in at least one new course each year is a  practice that has been a constant in my life since my undergraduate degree and has kept my outside interests alive over the years. It is also directly responsible for allowing me ...

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Great meeting you at SSP 2014 standard

The RedLink Team had an amazing time at the SSP 2014 Conference in Boston.  We love meeting new people and finding new ways to help publishers with data.  The SSP 2014 Conference gave us the valuable opportunity to learn more about publishers’ needs, the growing importance for data, and the changing demands for businesses to succeed. This year, we were represented by our Vice President of Publisher Relations, Deepika Bajaj, and our Chief Technology Officer, Dimitris Spanos. Deepika participated in the innovation track sharing increasing importance of data for businesses to succeed and how it is a pivotal aspect of RedLink’s services. We had an absolutely fantastic time meeting everyone at SSP 2014.  Being able to exchange valuable information and ...

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Business intelligence is a rapidly growing market, now worth up to $14.4 billion.  It is becoming a norm for addressing business goals and implementing strategies. With more firms utilizing BI tools, various trends are emerging in the field of business intelligence. These trends are largely due to recent data discovery methods and have been essential for richer solutions. First of all, cloud intelligence is expected to go mainstream. It is estimated that by 2017, at least 50 percent of companies will strategically utilize business intelligence with cloud computing. As cloud services mature, it is expected for more IT departments to use business intelligence in the  cloud. In addition, context is becoming much more essential in business intelligence. As a result, ...

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