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From the growing acceptance for open access to more collaborative opportunities, the dynamics of academic publishing are truly changing in various ways. While we have previously explained how startups and open access publishers play vital roles in these changes, it is also crucial to understand the impact on academic libraries. With scholarly collaboration on the rise, the role of academic libraries becomes more essential than ever. Partnering for Digital Education Digital education is on the rise. With ebooks and online courses becoming increasingly common and necessary, academic libraries are now also accommodating the shift to digital. As a result, librarians are now emphasizing digital education in their long-term strategies. For 2015, it is widely expected that librarians will further accommodate ...

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We had an amazing time attending and hosting a luncheon at the UKSG 38th Annual Conference and Exhibition.  Also, thank you to those who joined us to give feedback on our upcoming solution, RedLink Network! The UKSG conference gave us the valuable opportunity to learn more about publishers’ needs, the growing importance for data, and the changing demands for businesses to succeed. RedLink Team looks forward to sharing news as we get closer to the launch of RedLink Network. We constantly strive to innovate and appreciate your continued support.

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Hello everyone! We will be attending the UKSG for the first time this year and are very excited to meet all of you! The UKSG 38th Annual Conference and Exhibition will take place March 30 to April 1st, 2015 at Glasgow, Scotland. This year, RedLink will be represented by Deepika Bajaj.  Deepika is the Vice President of Publisher Relations. Please feel free to meet with her to learn more about RedLink and how it can help you meet your sales and marketing objectives. RedLink Network | Feedback on our new offer | Invite to Luncheon We are hosting a lunch for getting your feedback on our latest product, RedLink Network. RedLink Network: Scholarly collaboration is finally here! The RedLink Network ...

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The buzz around Open Access – is this just hype or is there a future in it? If you’ve been keeping up with the latest news in academic publishing, then you undoubtedly are aware of open access. One simple Google search on academic publishing can easily guarantee that a strong majority of the results will focus on open access. However, what exactly is open access? Why is it becoming such a vital trend in the academic publishing industry? For those unaware of the practice, it allows unrestricted online access to peer-reviewed academic research and it is mainly done for scholarly journal articles. With the concept of open access gaining popularity, it’s important to understand its impact as well as challenges ...

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