Every publisher faces a “build or buy” decision when assessing their technology options. As more IT personnel are hired and integrated into organizations, the decision becomes more complex, and teasing apart direct costs, capabilities, opportunity costs, and maintenance costs is difficult. Add to this the roles and time needed to build solutions, and a lot of care needs to be taken in making technology commitments.

To help prospective customers with this decision as they consider RedLink’s Publisher Dashboard and its related suite (RedLink Network and SiteLeads™), we asked DeltaThink to bring their extensive experience with technology deployments for STM publishers to assemble an overview of the general requirements, level of effort, business stakeholder time allocations, and cost ranges. In addition, these numbers were validated by an independent third-party specializing in technology deployments outside of scholarly publishing.

The high-level conclusions are clear:

  • Creating something like Publisher Dashboard, which RedLink considers a foundational product, costs well into six figures in direct costs.
  • The time needed to do the work runs from months to well over a year.
  • Staff demands for requirements gathering, user-acceptance testing, and data modeling go beyond IT, and create workload for sales staff, creating opportunity costs as these people will be distracted from selling.

RedLink Publisher Dashboard is a cost-effective solution that takes weeks to setup, allows 24/7 access to usage for your worldwide sales team (including outside sales agents), and serves as a foundation for future offerings that help you see new opportunities and generate new revenues.

To see the complete report, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to provide a copy at no cost.